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Miditzer 260SP virtual theatre organ

The 3/19 Style 260SP

THE Miditzer™ Style 260SP combines two of Wurlitzer's largest 3 manual instruments, the 3/15 Style 260 and the 3/19 Balaban 4. Blackpool couplers provide even more pizazz. The result is a 3/19 Miditzer with all the bells and whistles, from the diminutive 1' Fife whistle to the great big 32' Diaphone "whistle"!

See the complete specification for the Style 260SP. (1.2MB PDF file)

WHEN you are ready for something more, much more, than the Miditzer Style 216, add one more keyboard and step up to the Style 260SP. All the familiar Miditzer features are still there. You can focus on making use of all the additional tonal capabilities that organists in the finest movie palaces had at their fingertips.

MIDITZER™ Style 260SP can be freely explored with your computer mouse. MIDI Input from your keyboard is limited to a 60 day trial period. Registration codes giving unlimited access to MIDI Input are provided to members of the theatre organ community who support the preservation and promotion of theatre pipe organs with a contribution of $100 US or more to theatre organ projects including restoration of the last remaining original installation of a Wurlitzer Style 216, the model for the original Miditzer. Registered owners are assigned an "Opus Number" that is displayed with their name on the Miditzer's main screen.

Important note for upgrades: The number of memory levels has been reduced from 100  to 10 to simplify memory level selection. If you are upgrading from a previous version and you have a default file with combinations saved in memory levels 10 through 99, you should reorganize your combination files to use only levels 00 to 09 before upgrading.

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Download the Miditzer Style 260SP for exploration and evaluation. (5.9Mb self-extracting installer)

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