Sound Fonts

Sound Fonts

Many years ago a gentleman named John Tay created a set of digital samples for the Miditzer™216 from samples recorded on the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ at the Paramount Theatre in Middletown New York. John generously offered these for download. John has passed on and other people have refined John's samples over the years. Midtzer user Reuel has generously shared his collection of digital samples provided below, which include his and other refinements of John's samples. They are offered as-is and without support. But if you need help with installing and using them on the Miditzer, you can usually get help from other users of these samples by posting questions in the Miditzer Forum under Doing More with Your Miditzer: Sound, Sound Fonts. 

Allman Symphonic sound font stop list
Allman Symphonic sound font
John Tay sound font
John Tay & Miditzer 260 merged
Miditzer 260SP 96K sample rate
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