Sound Enhancement

Double click on Mixer to open the Creative Mixer.

Select Advanced Mode on the lower left of the mixer, if necessary, to show the Surround Mixer. Then click on EAX and select environments to see the screen below. Select an environment such as Theatre from the box. The environment you finally select is a matter of your own taste and how things sound in your installation. Click on the MIDI volume slider and slide it up to 100%. Be sure Mute is not checked.

To evaluate the amount of reverb click the Settings button. This will bring up the EAX Control Panel. On the lower right of this new window select Test. Based on the result you may wish to try another environment.

To test the sound font installation, select KeyBoard from AudioHQ.

Select bank 025 from the Bank dropdown box. Select an organ voice from the Instrument dropdown box. You can play the keyboard with the mouse or the asdfgh row of the computer keyboard for naturals and the qwerty row for accidentals.

Close AudioHQ and all of its open functions. You are now ready to configure the Miditzer to use sound fonts. Continue with "Configuring the Miditzer to Use Sound Fonts."