Sound Enhancement
Sound fonts are installable sounds that allow a sound card to produce a virtually unlimited array of sounds. The Cinema Organ sound font by Bruce Miles was the inspiration for the Miditzer. It provides a very high quality recreation of the theatre organ sound and is recommended for getting started with sound fonts.

The Miditzer™ virtual theater organ includes a version of the Bruce Miles' cinema Organ sound font. The following information is only needed by those who want to experiment with different sound fonts.

The Miditzer includes the FluidSynth soft synth program which allows you to use sound fonts with almost any audio hardware. In some cases, such as using a computer with a slow processor (less than 1GHz), you may wish to use a sound card that can do the sound font synthesis in hardware. To use sound fonts in hardware, your computer needs to have the right sound card. The easiest way to get sound font capability is using a Creative Audigy or a Creative SoundBlaster sound card. These are available as internal cards for desktop computers and as plug-in USB boxes that can be used with notebook computers. Creative soundcards are available at the Miditzer Marketplace.

Download and Extract the Cinema Organ sound font 
A version of the Cinema Organ sound font is stored as Miditzer.sf2 in the same directory as the Miditzer program

   Download the Cinema Organ for Miditzer sound font, corg_m110.sfark.exe, by clicking here (1.9Mb self-extracting sound font)

Locate the corg_m110.sfark.exe file and double click on it to extract corg_m110.sf2. Note where the sound font corg_m110.sf2 is placed after it is extracted.

Next you have to make the sound font available to the Miditzer by loading the Cinema Organ sound font into your sound card.

Notice:  If you would like a print out of the instructions for Adding the Bruce Miles Cinema Organ Sound Font you may download them as a PDF document by clicking here.  Then you can print them from Adobe Reader.

Requires Acrobat Reader 7 or higher, free download, to view.