Sound Enhancement
You should see a screen similar to this when the SoundFont Bank Manager opens.

The Creative soundcards provide 128 banks where sound fonts can be loaded. The banks are numbered 000 to 127. A General MIDI SoundFont should already be loaded in Bank 000 as shown. If you do not have a General MIDI SoundFont loaded in Bank 000 you will not have Chimes in the Miditzer and other MIDI applications may not work at all. SoundFont Cache shows how much memory is used and is available for sound fonts. You can change the amount of memory available in the SoundFont Cache by clicking on the blue SoundFont Cache button. You probably will have enough memory available if you are loading a sound font for the first time.

Click the blue Bank button. Select bank 025 from the Select Bank list and click Load. Bank 25 is the default location where the Miditzer looks for the Cinema Organ sound font.

Select the corg_m110.sf2 file to load by clicking on it. Then click Open.

Corg_m110.sf2 is now available for use

Miditzer now has what it needs to produce Pipe Organ sounds but the sound will be "dry." Adding reverberation will create a more realistic organ sound. Creative sound cards provide an impressive array of mixing effects including reverberation that are controlled with the Creative Mixer.