Getting Started
Welcome.  Installing the Miditzer™ virtual organ is quick and easy.

1.  Download the Miditzer Style 216 virtual organ software (4.3 MB self-installing program)

2.  Once you have downloaded Miditzer proceed to the next page for installation instructions. 

Note: If you downloaded the Miditzer and the downloaded program displayed the installation screens, the download is good.  If you are having problems, downloading again is unlikely to solve those problems.  Check out the Troubleshooting pages.  If you still need help, post a message in the Miditzer Forums.

Requirements:   Windows 2000, NT, XP, Pentium III 1 GHz / Athlon 1.4 GHz, 256 RAM, Display Resolution 1024x768 pixels, 32 bit color quality mode.
Recommended:  Windows 2000, NT, XP, Pentium IV / Athlon 2.5 GHz, 512 RAM, Display Resolution 1280x1024 pixels, 32 bit color quality mode.
Legacy Version:  Those using Windows 98 or Me, or having graphics hardware that does not support 32 bit color quality mode should download Miditzer Style 216 ver 0.84 by clicking here (3.2 MB.exe self-installing program)
Optional:  SoundFont Compatible soundcard, such as the SoundBlaster Live! or Audigy reduces the computer speed requirement.  One or more MIDI keyboards for real playability.  A complete organ console can be constructed to control all functions of the Miditzer virtual organ. 
Samples:  Miditzer comes with the Cinema SoundFont by Bruce Miles.  Also available is the Wurlitzer Samples for Miditzer  by John Tay

License:  Free for personal non-commercial use. 

Description:  The Miditzer virtual organ is a virtual theatre organ for your Windows compatible personal computer.  It is usable with most sound hardware and mouse or computer keyboard input.  Included with Miditzer is the the Cinema Organ Sound Font by Bruce Miles.  This digital sample set provides a remarkably realistic theatre organ sound.  MIDI keyboards and organ controls can be added to provide real playability.